The Big Day, April 27 “de Doelen” Rotterdam

tickets € 10,==;

Carlo Balemans  & L2D at The Big Day

* Big Debate

* Accordo Berio; over 100 musicians

* Big Talent Bang

* Big Food & Parade




You can JOIN us:




Click HERE for Big Bang INFO

Do you have the guts to do something spectacular!


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Education in faith, that”s my goal for 2013!

I’m looking forward to 2013. The past few weeks I have worked very hard on my lisense2do products. For me it is important that as many people as possible should have the possibility to join me at lisense2do.

  What”s so special?

It”s about you, about me, about anybody. People, creating beautiful things together with music, people who want to help each other.

Do not be afraid, have faith.

Can you learn that? Yes, you can! Our education system  is focused on knowledge. We believe  that if we  have enough knowledge we have the future.

About this I think differently. First of all you need a situation that people want to listen to you, that they trust you.  Besides that you don’t have to know everything by yourself, you have to find the right people. Together we know everything, for sure.  In our western society, “faith” is not our strongest point. We crawl away in our own familiar surroundings, there we are in control. The risk of failure is the smallest.

Faith  is the keyword. Maybe we should teach that. Then it is useful to gain knowledge. With confidence you put yourself into the world.

Education in faith, that”s my  goal for 2013!

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L2D at dutch television; AVRO”s Kunstuur

YouTube Preview Image
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Keep it simple and have fun!!

Last week I read an article in NRC Handelsblad, a dutch newspaper. In that article the leader of the Dutch Wind Ensemble asked the main orchestra’s in Amsterdam to support the small ensembles financially. The Dutch government cut back the culture budgets a lot and many small ensembles are suffering because of that. These small companies often provide diversity in the range of arts, have their own identity and are complementary to the large groups.

I love the thought that we would take responsibility for our own sector and support each other. By doing that, we as artists show that we feel a good range of art is important.

For example take music lessons in primary schools. Unfortunately, in the Netherlands it is not as obvious as you might think. We don’t have them or it is incidental. I decided for myself to start giving music lessons at a primary school in a city where I have an orchestral rehearsal a few hours later. It takes me a few hours and it brings me 27 happy children in return. They really enjoy music and they give me a lot of energy in return. In this way we take care of each other , without money being an important factor.

A few days ago we presented a methodology for accessible art at the World Music & Dance Centre Rotterdam. This methodology is based on three words: Meet, Inspire & Create. People meet. Everyone has his own story, his own background. So you”re an inspiration to others. Excited by each other’s  stories you start working together, creating beautiful things.  Isn’t that the basis of education?

In this presentation, I spoke with the president of the arts certification foundation of the Netherlands. During the development of this methodology  he came to the conclusion that it is important to invest in people, not in organizations.

People can make the difference. Organizations are too organized and because of that too expensive.

Motion is what we need. Motion towards simplicity, help each other and having fun.

Meet, Inspire & Create

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Long term educational project. Brassbandschool Rotterdam. Now we are official. SKVR Rotterdam, congratulations with Adopting this great initiative.

methodology description Brassbandschool Rotterdam

substantive guidelines Caribbean Brass education

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So Yes, non-formal education is “GOOD” !!

Non-formal or non-formal education can be defined as any organized educational activity outside the formal system.

This definition I found on the internet. For the Brassbandschool Rotterdam, we developed  a methodology and guidelines for “non-formal learning”.  When I talk passionately about this with “formal education” colleagues they have some questions and doubts.  The most asked question: Is it “good” education?  That’s  an interesting question. What is good education?

The dictionary gives several meanings for the word “good”

useful, suitable, virtuous, honest, kind, helpful

The funny thing is that the meaning of the word “good” is much more modeled on human behavior than on rules and organization. In my view, people are really able to make their own decisions and accept the consequences. What does it matter if something does not work as you had thought. Just do it differently next time! It”s called learning. Rules seek to prevent something fails. But the fun of learning is in finding solutions, creating options and taking risks!

What everyone of course has to deal  with is the acceptance of “failure”. The outside world has issued an opinion and in our whole educational system there is not much space for revised choices. We ignore that human beings  are creative beings who are able to think. According to me trust in people gives us far more than trust in rules. When developed well, you learn that you can take different roles. Sometimes you”re the leader, sometimes you’re the follower. Someone who always assumes the role of leader will notice that its environment  becomes  passive. The true leader understands that leadership is a quality of a situation, not of a person. In a situation in which everyone takes responsibility, everyone is in motion, moving towards a common goal. A goal which is supported by the group. An achievable goal with sufficient challenge so that you need the others in the group. The group is fairly automatically structuring its environment and setting boundaries in which you will all work. Every time you change your goal you will discover that you need other boundaries to reach that goal.  Make conscious choices again and again instead of  walking the same route again and again. Real choices that are supported by those who have to work with it give a satisfactory outcome in the end, whatever the outcome will be.

And suddenly you cannot “fail” because you did not previously defined what you had to accomplish. I think that”s a beautiful thought! Put people first, and you always have good education, just because everyone knows something another does not know. Especially when you compose the group well. Complementary, diverse but with enough overlap to create a sense of security. The human characteristics of the definition of the word “good” are plentiful in non-formal education.

So yes, non-formal education is “good”!


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Meet, Inspire & Create

Another 2 weeks to go and it will happen.. Six years of work  for the Brassbandschool Rotterdam  summarized in a methodology and a booklet with guidelines. What”s going on? Informal art education, education for that part of the population which is not easily compatible with mainstream art education.

Apparently there is a part of the population that does not feel at home in our regular offerings. Frankly, during my school days, I often wondered why I had to learn certain things. it must sound familiar to you. Sometimes it became clear later why it was important, but then I could not remember them.

“What do you have to learn and how do you have to learn something” can also be replaced by “what do you want to learn and how do you want to learn something.” By changing a few words we will get a totally different insight. Suddenly everyone is walking his own route. Teacher, organization, policy staff, government ……… have to deal with all these different needs!

Someone is going to walk his own route and wants the information he needs. Education will focus on the “good walk”. We do not live on a desert island, so we must also learn to walk together. One doesn’t achieve individual education, nice large groups split level with all kinds of music in one group ……. ADVENTURE! …… And someone with enough baggage to guide it …. ADVENTURE ..! An exciting place, a good route, internet access and a well-composed group of people. People who complement each other, provide safety and  challenge eachother.

Learning from each other, listening to each other, doing things differently next time, but always “do it, do it, do it.” Don’t  be afraid, rely on your own experiences.

Meet, Inspire & Create as a basis for art education at every conceivable level. That’s what I believe. Idealist? Certainly, but also a realist. In my blog I write about my views on art education  and performing arts and the way I express these practically in daily work.

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Big Day: April 27 de Doelen Rotterdam 12.00 – 02.00

45 minutes to Silence; May 4 Andreaskerk Hattem

Rotterdam Philharmonic: May 17; RPhO meets Brassband

Rotterdam Philharmonic: May 29; Pictures at an Exhibition (educational)

Workshop L2D meets Maori; July 13 – 20 Alquife Spain

Intro Codarts Rotterdam: August 27 & 28

Urban Echoes: September Tuzla Bosnia

L2D meets White Eagle Jones; November Rotterdam

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Tribe of many Sounds


Sometimes you meet people to whom you feel  connected in a split second.  To me these are  people with an  open mind, people who don’t have  too many assumptions or expectations. The ones that just start and see where it goes.

Our society doesn’t often allow us to create things while letting go of a specific goal. In my view however  this is the most important and exciting thing. The magic of the adventure. Without risks you never look beyond your horizon.

In recent years I often worked in situations which were unpredictable. In the end I feel  3 things are really important: MEET, INSPIRE & CREATE.

MEET:  a well-composed group knows everything

INSPIRE:  Being a “leader” and a “follower”, if you have the balance between them,  you are a great source of inspiration for yourself and others.

CREATE:  the magic moment

With this Tribe I want to connect creative people who are fascinated by “Sound”.  People with a strong need to create. People who love to help one another. People with dreams en desires.

Recognize yourself…….”Connect Please”!!

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Hanyo van Oosterom, “Talking to the Gods”; wow……we have to play it on a stage……promised!

YouTube Preview Image
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